Thursday, September 15, 2016

Random Acts

Yesterday was a crazy day in Angi World.  Most of you know that Jason and I run a small home business.  For over twenty years Jason has run a mobile D.J. company that ranges from small weddings to small arena size sound.  It has grown over the years as customers have asked us for things that my brilliant husband has easily come up with.  Giant movies in the park, karaoke nights at the Wilkinson Center and Photo Booth for parties and weddings and corporate gigs.  Yesterday for me was along the lines of corporate gig.

I meet a lot of people doing Photo Booth and I am immersed in a lot of different cultures.  I love talking to people and laughing with them, because that is what Photo Booth is….fun.

Yesterday I was at a beautiful park in Salt Lake, Sugar House, and it is huge.  Finding the pavilion I was to set up at took a moment but once I got there a whole herd of people unloaded me right to my spot.  Amazing… the lady in charge was so nice and the people who worked for her completely concerned for my comfort.  Again…amazing!  I met so many interesting people and when the rain came threatening my gear a million hands were there instantly to break it all down and get it into my car, without me asking.  Again amazing.

Traffic, during rush hour getting home was ridiculous, but for the first time in freeway history people were nice and patient.  I got home 1 and ½ hours early because of the rain and was able to empty the car with the kids, send girls off to young women’s, drive Sam to scouts, get gas and take Suzy out to her friend's in Fairfield so that she could get up bright and early, 3:00 a.m. early, to take her pig to the State Fair. 

Crazy day, and that doesn’t even include all that I did that morning.  Driving home from Fairfield around 7:30 that night I stopped at our local grocery store to get milk and bread for the next day and grabbed a few things on sale.  On the drive there, alone in my car, I said a heartfelt gratitude prayer that the day in all of its craziness had gone so well and I had met so many nice people.  I went through the grocery store in kind of a tired daze but it was all good.  Unloaded the groceries and got into the car and drove out of my parking spot when I noticed a little sticky note stuck to my windshield.  When I got out to see what it was I was certain someone had bumped into my car and was leaving me their information, although I hadn’t noticed any damage.

The note had two simple words in orange marker, “You’re Awesome.”  Now possibly this was put on there by someone I know, but more likely it was put there by someone who just wanted to brighten someone’s day.  I smiled.  The day had been so crazy with the monsoon and crazy work and mom schedule and all, but so good in so many ways, but now it truly was awesome.  I got home to an empty house, kids gone and Jason working at BYU, but I took the note inside determined to tell everyone about my happy little surprise.  I fell asleep and forgot.

This morning after breakfast Sam went to take the garbage out to the road for pick up day and when he came back inside he ran to tell me, “You know what Mom, I’m Awesome.” 

He was so excited to tell me about the note that he saw when coming back in from taking the garbage out that was sitting on our dining room table which is right inside the sliding glass door.  He was smiling from ear to ear and then I told him my story.  So not only did I have an awesome end to my night, Sam had an awesome start to his day, and through it all I had a great lesson to teach him about random acts of kindness and what they can do for a person.  And what if, what if my last night was actually a long horrible one and Sam’s morning was a jumbled crazy one, well then that random act of kindness would have brought some joy in a life that was struggling.  You never know what joy you can spread, whether it is adding to the goodness that is already there or bringing a light in an otherwise dark storm, it matters people.

Oh, and thank you, you random someone for making two people smile today, and last night. 

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  1. Angi- You ARE awesome! I don't know how you do all you do!