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Save One Amalekite is the first book in my Traditions of the Fathers Series.  Pick it up at the link below.
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Leah’s life has been one of tragic loss and unspeakable tragedy. Haunted by the face of the one man who took everything from her, she sets forth to revenge the wrongs he forced upon her. With the unwilling help of her brother she sues a plan to wipe free the despair she feels and destroy the man who she believes destroyed her. Dressed in warrior’s clothes, bound, to hide her femininity, she sets off with the Lamanite armies to destroy the very people who created the man who defiled her. Seth’s world falls in around him when at first he watches as the brother he idolizes traipses after a madman, blinded by the God that this Ammon says will save him. Despite Seth’s attempts he cannot stop the decision his brother has already made. Then as his twin sister is betrothed to the one man who could never deserve her, Seth is forced to stand idly by with no power to save her. When the Lamanite army comes calling Seth is left with nothing to do but honor the promise he made them and set forth to destroy the very people who his brother has left to join. The farther Leah falls into the hatred that consumes her, the closer she comes to loosing it all, while Seth may only begin to find himself when finally he gives in to the horrific battles of war.