Monday, July 30, 2012

Supporting the "Stache"

Youth Conference. What more can I say, other than this is the first time that I have gone since I was a youth myself. I forgot that I could have so much ridiculous fun! One of the best parts about being Young Women's President is that I get to spend so much time with all of the youth in our ward and see them and get to know them in a way that I couldn't otherwise. We have amazing youth. I think that my ward is the best by far. What kind of President would I be if I didn't, but I think that the Church as a whole has amazing youth with strength far beyond anything that the world cam completely understand.
My Secretary Agi was able to go with us to Youth Conference. She had been up until about 2 in the morning that morning with her husband and business associates only to wake up 4 hours later to join us. Needless to say she was a bit tired and during some down time during one of the many thunderstorms, she fell asleep prompting my evil side. Of course I involved the girls in my evilness and prompted Jenny(my daughter) and Morgan, Annee, and the most sinister of them all Hayley, to take Jenny's liquid eyeliner and paint a mustache on Agi's face.
Agi woke more quickly than we would have preferred to what she called "the sensation of someone licking me," which then proceded to more than half of us, boys included, getting our mustaches on. Even Morgan, despite her belief that..."I can't support a stache..." It is an amazing thing when you watch the youth of your ward come together to catch salamanders, zipline across the lake, play games, paddle boat, swim, and cut down dead pine trees as a service project, and see them drawn together when maybe they otherwise would not be. And all of this in some of God's most beautiful scenery. He really knows us more than we can possibly understand. Only he could know just how much my heart would grow with this calling. Only he could know just how much I would yearn and ache for the girls of our ward as I worry about whether I am giving them all of myself or whether perhaps in some ways I am failing. Watching my own daughters as they grow up and I see them with the other girls, I can't help but to thank Heavenly Father for sneaking me into one more aspect of their amazing lives. Because before too long they, like Luke is now, will be on their own and past my mothering care. Where does all that time really go? I sure hope those relationships with our family and beyond our eternal family ones still last behind the veil too.
Luke of course was able to call again Sunday from Basic Training in Missouri. He sounded so good and he is becoming a man and I am so proud, but missing him beyond anything. He has been struggling with a hurt shoulder and needing to pass off his pushups. In his letter he asked that we pray for him as a family because he knew that that would make the difference. He also went to church and asked for a blessing. This from the boy who skipped out of Seminary more times than I can count. Brother Sutorious once sent me a note home regarding Luke in Seminary and on it he put the scripture Galations 6:9, "For let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not." That has become my standard the last few years as our family have had struggles through different things. I can say we are "reaping" now as I watch Luke. How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father.
Jason and Jenny took Sam and my two nephews to the transmitter sight that looks out over our small town, Nephi. They rode the 4 wheelers up and had the best time while I stayed below chatting with my mother and my brother, my two nephew's father, Cullen. Two more weeks with them before they go back home to Texas and already it is breaking my heart. The time used to be when Cullen and Annalee and the boys lived just two houses down. Dallin would come marching right in without knocking to grab a cracker or play with Sam and Steph, and Sam too on their end to watch T.V. I miss those days but am so happy for the relationships, the eternal relationships, that they built. Well, time to get up, to be a mom. Isn't that the greatest blessing of all? How could I ever replace the moments of amazement that come from the little boys together, or my oldest little boy becoming a man? How could I ever replace watching my girls become ladies, and sometimes evil pranksters, at Young Women's, or even learn how to grow their first "Staches" at Youth Conference. The Lord loves us in ways we cannot comprehend, loves me in ways I can never earn. And in all things all I can do is smile.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazing Life

Busy week. What can I say. Wouldn't change the craziness for anything. Started out my Sunday exhausted. Been up the night before doing an outdoor movie for BYU and then had to get up early for church. Came home and my most awesome sister in law, Annalee, came over with her equally awesome kids. Got to hold my sweet little niece for the first time.
Isn't she a cutie? Not so sure about my crazy eyes, but you know me, CRAZY! Molly is a doll. Then I went to BYC and class presidency meeting at our Bishop's house. Can I just say that my girl's are amazing. Had some nice missionary experiences with them afterword as we met with a few girls. Then I came home to Luke on his weekly phone call. This is where as a mother I get to gloat. Luke has been at Basic Training in Missouri now since June 12th. That's right, 114 degree weather with 89% humidity. He's ran until he wore his new army shoes to threads and we had to send him new ones. He's pushed up until his shoulder popped out of joint and all in the name of recieving more mail. He's lost half a tooth and cannot do anything about it until after graduation, that is if he wants to graduate at all. He's shot, repelled, blown up things, ran through the rain, through the dark, amongst forest and fireflies, and he's been gassed in the gas chamber. Eaten bland food, lived on sunblock and army rations, and through it all he's managed to bribe nonmember bunk buddies to go to church with him and he has been reading the Book of Mormon. Only had a little free time for about a week and he is already through the First Book of Nephi. He writes letters encouraging the kids to be good and listen to their mother. Offers advice and inspiration. And in everything he has excelled way beyond the mark that they have set for him. In August Jenny and I get to go and see him graduate. Could there be a prouder moment for a mother? Love that boy!!!
This week we had Sam's belated birthday party. He chose to wait until his cousins from Texas could be here. They had the best time in the hot tub and on the giant slip and slide that Jason made for Sam. I spent the time with my beautiful mother, amazing sister in law Annalee, brilliant sister in law Kathy, joyfully wonderful sister in law Alisse, and of course superb brother Brad, while the kids played. Yesterday was spent in Spanish Fork with Jason's family. Parade time with the Eckhardts, the Gibsons and the Thackers. Followed by dinner and swim time at the Thacker's house. Not to mention plenty of holding baby time with my other sweet new little niece, Ayla.
So there you have it. My busy week and it is only Wednesday. Granite counter top guy comes any minute to measure. My niece Jenny comes later today to meet with me. Get to help my Jenny set up a sound system for our remodeled city pool grand reopening later on and Youth Conference at the end of the week. My life is amazing. And I couldn't be happier. And all the while I am missing my army boy and wishing him home, but proud as any parent could be.