Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It is not enough!

How do I describe the many heartbroken tears that I have cried over the last few years, how do I describe the tears that I shed while on my knees today?  Ugly.  Mascara running down my cheeks ugly.  But in reality that is how it should be.  My heart has broken so many times as I look at the world around me and the world around my tender daughters.  For those of you who know me you know that this is a topic that I am passionate about, my girls have had more articles and life’s lessons about it taught to them than their ABC’s and 123’s but it isn’t enough.

Some call it my opinion, my stubbornness, my dictatorship and I should respect them their own “opinion.”  But how can I?  This isn’t just a thought or an idea of mine, this is a truth, and not just my truth but the whole world’s truth even if people try to say otherwise, or rather “YELL” otherwise.

I have recently become a grandma, yes a very young, fun, classy grandma!  Brantley Bear is the most amazing little boy.  I would share his picture with you and you would see deep dimples on a face of the sweetest little boy that only smiles all of the time, but I know some would use his little face to protest against me.  His little infectious laugh and ever smiling face lights a room and calls others to find joy, to be happy. 

I remember the first time my husband and I got to go with my son and his beautiful wife to see our Little Guy on the ultra sound.  He wiggled and moved so much they couldn’t find out his gender and I remember thinking is there anything more amazing, more perfect, or more holy than this?  It was a miracle, he is a miracle.

Now if my daughter in law had been in the middle of something that she thought more important than being a mom, or if heaven forbid she had even been brutally raped, Brantley Bear would still have been that same amazing, perfect, and yes wiggly guy on the ultra sound.  Nothing about how he was created could change what he was or what he is, Holy!

Now I am not going to go into the proof, the pictures, the articles, the testimonies of so many.  I’m not going to try to prove my point.  So many before me have already done that, and if your heart still hasn’t soften to this Truth than nothing I say will change that, what I am going to say is this… It is not enough.  It is not enough that I kneel every day and ask God to heal this world and heal our hearts.  It is not enough that I ask him every day to help me teach my daughters about how sacred they are and how Holy the act of creation is even if sometimes it results from the sins and unholy acts of others.  It is not enough that I share stories and articles on Facebook and preach love.  None of it is enough until every last baby gets the right to live like my Brantley Bear or like every one of my children when they were conceived did.  It is not enough!

In a world where the left and the right and everything in between speaks loud and yells until the quiet truths of our Father in Heaven is drown out by their pollution, it is not enough to quietly shine for him.  We have to do more, we have to be loud, we have to be heard.  Millions of little Brantley Bears need us to be their Saviors, and quite frankly our Savior, our Redeemer needs us to be His voice above all the other wicked voices calling good evil and evil good.

This day, and every day until it is enough and abortion is done away with I will be that voice trying to do my best to yell above the others.  And I will not shy away from those who wish to yell right back at me, I won’t be afraid that I might lose friends and that my truth, The truth, might be unpopular.  Brantley Bear deserves all of our voices, all of them do and if your voice isn’t being heard, yell louder, stand taller, be braver!  Fill your lungs with the words, fill Facebook and Twitter and every aspect of everything around you with this truth.  You may tire of my rant and you might even tire of my posts, but until it is done, until It Is Enough, I will stand for this truth, His truth, and no one will silence me.

Will you stand with me?  Are you Brave enough?  Are you Passionate enough?  Will you fight for all of the Brantley Bears that no one else is willing to fight for? 

It Is Not Enough!

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