Monday, March 14, 2016

Choosing the Good

So I woke up this morning after the craziest dream and I’m gonna share it with you.  Don’t worry there is a point to it…it just might take a moment for you to understand the reasoning behind it.
In my dream I had several unsightly zits on my face and I was off and about to some place spectacular where people would see me.  Suzy had taken my cover-up stick and so I borrowed hers.  Well in the real life tendency I have to sensitivities in my skin I, in this dream, reacted to Suzy’s cover-up stick, breaking out in a rash and eventually blistering and bleeding, skin peeling off of my face.
Yes, I know, stupid dream, but what does it have to do with anything?  Absolutely nothing, but that is what has been going through my head over and over this morning, every gory, gruesome bit, when it should have been amazing things that happened last week, like…
Lunch with my mom that turned into the whole day and dinner that night.
Beautiful dirt for the garden spot bought for only $20.00 for the whole truck load.
Suzy winning third place in her FFA science project at Richfield that she was not expecting.
Nan getting her FFA state degree also at said FFA getaway in Richfield.

Nan off on her date with Ethan for her prom and all the girly fun of shopping and dress fitting and fingernail painting and picture taking that goes along with that…not to mention the splendid time that she had and all while looking like a princess the whole time.

Or, finally, the fact that Jason and I had the busiest day ever Saturday with gigs and life and somehow we made it through it spectacularly.  And by the way the next day was daylight saving time resulting in only 3 1/2 very grumpy hours of sleep for me and I taught Relief Society that day through a very groggy mind and the Stake Relief Society Presidency decided to show up, but you know what…although it for sure was not my best lesson ever, it definitely wasn’t my worse and I didn’t make a complete fool out of myself, and that too was a pretty excellent thing too.
So why does this stupid dream keep going through my head instead of these wonderful things?  Why do the jokes of presidential candidates that are running for president keep haunting me and the unending ache that I feel when I think of all those innocent babies that keep being murdered in the name of feminism keep clouding my mind or the hunger and war and famine and wickedness and callousness of society keep hounding me instead of the wonderful things in life, like for one, I am going to be a grandmother the end of July to the fabulous Brantley that I have already gotten to see on the ultra sound machine with my husband and my son and his beautiful wife.  What about the neighbors and ward members that I love and the friendships of such beauty with people all over that I hold, or the fact that I have the most sexy, amazing, kind, generous, fun husband in the whole world.  I am a member of Christ’s church and have every blessing that they had in ancient times that go right along with that, including temple marriage and the perfect outline of how to live a blessed happy life written for me in sacred scriptures.  Why does my mind gravitate more to the sad things in life than the beautiful?
I think it is human nature, and don’t get me wrong, if no one, me included, never thought on those sad things nothing would ever change, nothing would ever get better and that too would be a very big sin, but I think an even bigger sin is in losing ourselves to self-pity, to doubt, to harsh things of life and neglecting to be grateful and even very happy for the millions and even billions of blessings that we have in life.  Shouldn’t we be mindful of all the good around us, shouldn’t we be grateful?  Shouldn’t we hold ourselves responsible for the attitude that we choose to share with the rest of the world, especially the ones we love the most, our family?  Aren’t I showing ingratitude when I don’t choose to be happy in life, and not just kinda, but truly and really happy in life when I have all those millions and billions of blessings?  Don’t I have some responsibility in choosing that happiness and by so doing sharing it with the rest of the world?
One of the prayers this Sunday in our church service mentioned those around the world that were praying also and the spirit that they sent around the world.  All those millions praying in different churches and different religions all over the world because it was the Sabbath softening the world just a little by their faith that day.  Doesn’t me choosing to be happy and looking to my God given blessings each and every day send a little peace out into the world and if more and more people chose to be happy and look to their blessings, wouldn’t the compilation of those millions of happy vibes soften the world just a little?
Don’t forget those other sad and important things, because it is up to you to help change them, all of us together thinking and praying and working and enlightening others on those sad and sinful things in the world will compile together to help to change them, but a happy, grateful heart along the way can only add to the change that together can soften the whole entire world.
Now…here is a picture of Nan’s most fabulous desert that she had on her amazing prom date to hold you over for one more day and help to sweeten those happy thoughts you and I are going to choose for ourselves today.

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