Monday, January 27, 2014


Ever have a friend that is so like you it’s practically like looking in a mirror, except that she is shorter than you and her hair is darker than yours and well you really look nothing alike, but you could almost finish each other’s sentences because your minds are so similar?  I have a friend like that and her name is Agi.

She was born and raised in Hungary.  She’s brilliant…she mastered the Hungarian language at an incredibly young age J, speaks German and even speaks Americanized English perfectly with the sweetest little accent.  Okay, so maybe we aren’t entirely the same, but all her likes and dislikes, her amazing…brilliant…weird sense of humor, and her basic outlook on the world are right in line with mine.  And what’s even better, today is her birthday!!!!  We are literally one year apart in age because today is my birthday too!  I call her my Hungarian twin…who really cares about the year apart in age anyways or the fact that we look nothing like siblings.

So this is my tribute to an amazing woman who is brilliant and strong and funny and kind and makes me smile just to look at her.  May your day be as awesome as you are…and thank you for sharing it with me!  Hope she doesn't mind I stole pictures off of her facebook page.  I just couldn't resist...

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  1. You are my sistah from another mistah : )) Thanks, Angi, I love you tons!!!