Monday, October 1, 2012

Crooked Laugh

Rushed back from three kids at the dentist.  Nice two and a half hours out of my day.  I’m beginning to think that we live at the dentist’s office, but they informed me today that they enjoyed my company so that’s all right.  Jason says that we will be paying for the new wing of the dentist office.  And no…for my Nephi friends they are not adding on to the dentist office, at least I don’t think so, that was just Jason’s little joke.  Jenny came out with her whole mouth numb laughing which only made me laugh more.  One side of her mouth couldn’t move as she smiled.  So funny.  She was nice enough to let me take a picture and when I told her that it was going on my blog she just laughed.  “That’s okay with me.  It’s funny, Mom.”

Last week was a week full of testimony touching moments for me.  I never cease to marvel at the goodness of people around me. 
Let me start with my Laurel girls.  Now I know I talk about my Young Women’s girls a lot, but much of my time right now is that and much of my spiritual growth comes from them.  Wednesday evening we went up to see Sam Guillory.  Five Laurels, Sam’s little sister Kaitlin, my Laurel advisor Whitney Wall, and myself.  The drive to the hospital is probably about an hour and a half and there was not one moment in that hour and a half that the girls weren’t talking and giggling and thoroughly excited about seeing Sam.  When we got to the hospital the girls helped me find a parking spot and they knew the way right to Sam’s room because they had all been visiting her already.  I just stood back with Whitney and Sam’s dad Bob and watched as the girls talked and laughed and were so happy to see all that Sam could do.  And Sam, well, let’s just say that she is amazing.  How can one girl who has gone through so much be so heroic, because that’s what she is, heroic?.
And so when the time came for us to go home I wished that I didn’t have to pull the girls away, that we had the time to stay a little longer.  Sam was so thrilled to have the company and the girls as a group were so happy to be together.  We walked down the long hallway in the hospital with the girls talking and remembering the conversations with Sam that had just gone on moments before.  The trip home equally wonderful.  I look at them sometimes, those girls, and I wonder if they know just how amazing they are.  Can they possibly understand how beautiful they are?  Each of them so completely different but so beautiful like out of a fairy tale.
Friday Nan and I played a dance at BYU.  Helaman Halls to be exact.  Now I love BYU.  It has become kind of a second home for our family and we have had some pretty amazing experiences there and met some pretty amazing people there also.  So normally there would have been nowhere that I would have rather had been then there, but this particular day was a benefit dance for Sam Guillory’s family.  I went to BYU so that Jason could set up large sound and lights and our green screen photo booth back at home at the high school.  The SBO’s at the school took money and had invited the rival team that Juab was playing in football that day to the dance.  Jason kept texting me to keep me in the loop about the turn out.  Amazing.  Nephi really supports our community.  And even more Spanish Fork stayed after the game to support Sam too.  Even bringing a check in the sum of $1200.00.  Our rivals in sports but our brothers and sisters in compassion. 

Can you see how my testimony would grow?  So much good all of the time.  I know that I am on the bandwagon to find good in every day.  Quite possibly it might be getting old to hear, but this is my journey, one that I have been on for a long time and plan to never end in this life.  This blog, it’s a system of checks and balances for me to remind me where my heart needs to be and help to open me to all the peace that the Lord is constantly trying to give me but Satan would take away if he could.  Hope.  Perhaps that is the greatest gift that this blog brings me.  I look for good so that I can put it here and when you look for good, well…that is exactly what you find.

The world is a beautiful place.  Whether it’s in the smiles of my beautiful Laurel girls or on the crooked laugh of my teenage daughter still numb from the dentist, it doesn’t matter.  God’s love is everywhere and once you open your eyes to see it you cannot help but find it.

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