Friday, February 27, 2015

A good eyebrow wax and everything else that comes with it.

“I know, I know, you are gonna put this on your blog right?” that’s what my nine year old Sam said when I just had to record his karaoke with my phone.  He wasn’t smiling when he said this, in fact he looked as if he had resigned himself to the inevitable.  Now this is the part where you wait on pins and needles to see all the glory that is Sam, but as a good mother I smiled and said, “of course not, Boy,” (that is what we sometimes call him, Boy.  Long family story that has to do with his great grandfather Raymond,) “of course not, Boy.  I just wanted it for me.”  Let me just say that you are missing out, because surprisingly he’s really good.  He hits every note perfectly and even puts some soul into it in a few places.

So now what does this even leave me to talk about if I can’t post a rockin’ video of my little boy?  Waxing my eyebrows?  Getting my home ready to sell, or giggling with my girls.  How about all three?

There is something so amazing about freshly waxed eyebrows.  Yes, I said it, there is.  Now you men may not understand this, but any woman who has had a perfect eyebrow wax done, glorious pain and all, will tell you that there is something magical about the results.  Well this was exactly the case twice for me in the last four and a half weeks.

It all began with my first time showing my girls how to wax their eyebrows, comical to say the least, followed by mad woman spending three weeks trying desperately to declutter our house and paint my bedroom, bathroom and hall and hall bathroom all to get our house ready to go on the market.  Followed up by the wonderful agony of the hot wax.

So…Jenny and Nan have been bugging me to wax their eyebrows, always asking me just after I have put the wax away and cleaned up for the day.  Finally they caught me before the cleanup, and the party began.  I’ve spoken in the past about our crazy family dinners with loud talking, crazy conversation, and incessant giggles, well, direct that toward one redheaded girl laughing at the other redheaded girl as the little tiny hairs of their inside brow is pulled.  Magic, I tell you, and definitely another highlight of my day to chalk up in the Gibson history books along with all the other craziness that is a large, very noisy, very outgoing family.  It was priceless, and of course Nan had to record the crazy of it all.  See it here…

We still talk about it several weeks later.  In fact when I called Nan a few minutes ago to ask her if she still had the video she couldn’t stop laughing, and Jenny who was busy driving their truck that they were both in on the way to the movies only sighed in the background and started laughing too.  We have a rather strange home, I’ve decided, and we are rather comfortable about talking and laughing and discussing rather strange things that normal people would probably just raise one eyebrow and shake their heads at.  But I am glad that we all feel that comfortable around one another and that comfortable in our own skins, and if that’s strange, well, so be it, I rather like our strange but funny life.

Then came the next few weeks of me cleaning every corner, rearranging every closet, running to the dump about five millions times by myself and with my kiddos.  Furniture strewn throughout the house in awkward places as I painted our bedroom with the help of my awesome mom, plastic covering the carpet, tape protecting vanity mirrors, and paint on my clothes, under my nails, in my nose and throughout the whole entire head of my hair.  What does this have to do with waxing my eyebrows?  Well let me tell you.  I do them very regularly, every two and a half weeks, my hair grows like a weed.  In fact when I go get my hair on my head dyed and cut every three months people ask me if I’m growing it out and then when I get it cut, into the exact same cut mind you, they tell me that they like the new hair style that I got.  That being said, four weeks of fingers in paint and cleaning closets and running to the dump led to no time for messy hot wax and lots of time for bushy caveman eyebrows to grow in.

So when the house finally went up on the market a few days ago, and in my spotless wonder of a house I finally had time to wax, I came to realize just how much I like the face that smiles back at me in the mirror that I had forgotten and even lost under those crazy bushy brows.

I learned a few things about the beauty routine that so many of us woman put ourselves through, and as much as I hate the time of it all like the rest of you ladies, I must say that there is something gloriously empowering about the whole concept.  I’m not one of those feminist who scream foul and want to go more casual on the grooming tips like a man.  I like basking in femininity while I get all messy and dirty doing in some cases what might appear like a man’s job.  And why is that?  Because it does several things for me, two of which are “priceless” as the saying goes.  One of which, probably the most important, is it lets me connect with my girls in a way that only women can understand, laughing and teasing and sharing beauty tips even though I am more than twenty years older than them.  And the other thing it does for me…at the end of a busy, messy, even paint spilled in the hair kind of a day, I can look in the mirror and feel like a million bucks even though all I spent was a little time.  Pretty superficial maybe, but important none the least, especially the giggling and connecting with my girls part of it all.

So, yes, that is how, and why I can write a whole blog post on waxing my eyebrows.  You didn’t know what to expect when you started this, did you?  And right now you are probably asking yourself why you wasted the last few minutes of your day reading this, but I’m telling you, if that is what you are thinking, then come on over to my house and let my girls and I show you just what a good brow wax can do for you.

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