Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Little More Booty to Hold at Night

It’s no surprise that in the background while I was washing dishes after lunch that I had the song, All about that Bass, playing.  Kinda the Gibson moto around here.  Jason ran to a friends with Suzy and Sam to help him with some home theatre issues, Jen and Nan are off on their date to Snowcoming and Stephanie is in the other room watching Netflix, so not a whole lot to distract me around here.  I actually thought about the words to that song more closely this time, go figure, and if you don’t know the song there are plenty of places where you can go to listen to it…I actually prefer this one…. the singer’s voice reminds me of my cute Jenny’s bluesy vocals.

She talks about not being a size two but how she can shake it shake it like she’s supposed to do.  I know, I know, I am only a few days away from 40, but I can shake it shake it too like I’m supposed to do and at that moment I was shaking it shaking it like I’m supposed to do and I smiled when I thought that if the girls were to walk in right then they would blush and say, “Mom, you’re too old to dance like that,” and if Jason were home he would come up and grab my bum.  There, I probably embarrassed all of them by admitting that. 

The song talks about photo shop and how that’s not real and it talks about boys liking a little more booty to hold at night, having all the right junk in all the right places.  Where am I going with this, you ask.  Good question.  As I was listening to it all it was like some light bulb popped on above my head.  Now can Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost use a stupid rock song to speak to me?  The answer is yes and he did.  Grant it, the version that I listed above is a much cleaner version than the original, no swearing aloud, but the picture is the same either way.

Age is catching up with me, and I don’t mind it, really I don’t.  I don’t mind the white hairs that keep coming back, I don’t mind the wrinkles popping up around my eyes and between my nose, I don’t even mind that my body is much stiffer and sorer after a hard workout than it used to be when I was younger.  What I do mind is the fact that I am fifteen pounds heavier than I was seven years ago even though I workout harder than I ever have and eat about 500 calories less than I used to.  And sometimes I wonder how Jason can think that I am sexy and even if he does.  It was while listening to this song that I realized how crazy I am to even wonder this.  And here is why…

Jason is always taking a quick grab here and there, holding me a little longer than needed when he comes home at night, giving my bum a quick goose when no one is looking unless it’s our kids and then he doesn’t care if they see.  When I get undressed he locks the door so he can watch and when I pop into the shower he is always pulling back the curtain to get a quick look.  He cuddles up to me at night and wraps me tightly against him and he plays with my hair when we are watching t.v. together.  He calls me sexy baby stubs, and gorgeous and hot stuff and tells me maybe nine million times a day how sexy or gorgeous or hot I am, so why would there ever be any question whether or not he thinks me sexy?  And I know that you all, all of you married ladies out there, know exactly what I am talking about. 

Why does Satan have such a hold onto women’s self esteem?  Now I’m not a size two or even a size eight like some of you very beautiful woman out there are, but I am a size Angi, and that seems to be beautiful all in itself.  Some curves I would love to do without, but some of the curves I have…well I wouldn’t be willing to give them up.  I have beautiful thick hair and big grey eyes that sparkle.  My smile is contagious and my body is almost as strong as a man’s which is very important in the Gibson household with the line of work that we are in.  I smile all the time and laugh a lot which ads a special kind of softness to my face.  I look like my mom who is BEAUtiful and have the coloring of my dad which means I can tan up all soft and brown easily in the summer.   I have to be careful when I lift too much weight during workouts or I might bulk up a little too much around my shoulders and neck, but my amazing body can put on muscle like nothing at all.  I don’t have a flat tummy but I have a perfectly shaped belly button thanks to the doctor who reshaped it during a hernia surgery when I was six.  My waist isn’t as tiny as I would like but my big boobs and curvy hips help make it seem small.  I don’t have a tiny turned up nose, but it is slender and dignified and gives me an air as if I know something a little more than I actually do.  And last but not least, my butt is rounder than I would like but it is still perky even after 40 years and attached to the longest pair of legs that go all the way to the ground.

See what I am getting at here?  All of that makes up Angi, me, and I’m pretty awesome…and here is the secret…YOU ARE TOO!  And if you have any question about it, pay a little more attention to all of the signals that your sweetie is giving you, heck write them down with a check mark all day long as you are with him if you need to and I think you will be surprised all of the sexiness that he thinks that you are and then when Satan says that you’re not a size two or that you don’t have all the right junk in all the right places you can tell him that he is crazy and that he can go find some other sexy lady to harass, cuz we all know that “Guys like a little more bootie to hold at night,” and quick frankly being you, small and tiny, tall and willowy, round and curvy, elegant and graceful, or clumsy but spunky, whichever you may be is the perfect you and that in itself is sexy and you…yes you my dear are everything that that word means and if you don’t believe me, well….just go ask your hubby.

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