Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Ever been caught up in a whirlwind?  Covered your eyes as little pieces of dust and debris seem to whisk through your hair and beat against your corneas?  Did you hold your breath and squeeze those eyes tight waiting for the mere seconds that felt like eternity that it took for it to twist away?  Have you ever watched a whirlwind as it drifted across a freshly plowed field picking up pieces of dirt and sand twisting and turning it into a tunnel heavenward and realized from a distance just how magnificent it was when you were many feet safely away from it?  Why is it that when we are in the middle of something so spectacular all we feel is the destruction and we are unable to see the beauty that just a few feet’s difference would allow us to see?

The last two weeks for me were exactly that, a whirlwind of one amazing thing after another jumbled up all around me and all I could see was the insides of my eyes as I covered them tight and just prayed to make it through.  Now I sit here at my computer, a day’s rest under my belt, and it is amazing from a distance exactly the magnificence that I see.

Jenny tried out again for Miss Nephi.  She has spent the past year living, eating breathing and living service.  My sister in law the ever talented Annalee Dinkel and Jenny took a song, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, by Fergie and from the Great Gatsby and broke it up into Jenny’s own, a little jazzy and complete romantic number and spent so many weeks getting it perfect, and as a mother I should have been totally excited for the great day.  But all I was was a jumble of nerves for her.  You only want your child to leave any experience feeling completely satisfied in themselves.  Here is the link on facebook of Jenny's song.  Jason recorded it from clear up in the sound booth and he didn't realize that she started on the stage and then worked her way down.  He set the camera and then went back to sound and lights so at first you can only hear her, but be patient it very quickly goes to her...

The week before was crazy and let me add kids were home from school for spring break.  Monday I spent the morning helping my mother and my little brother, driving him from one area of the state to another.  Tuesday was a much needed day spent breaking my back and trying to springize our yard.  Wednesday we went to work with Jason and hung out, well really nowhere, finding rocks for Stephanie’s school project and making a big banner for my Father and Step Mom as they were arriving home from their 18 month mission in the Philippines.  Then it was off to the airport to welcome them home and dinner at a restaurant with the whole family.  Thursday I was able to spend the day with the two of them getting some of their life back up and running in Utah, driver’s license, cars licensed, phone shopping, grocery shopping, etc.  Friday was catch up from not being home for days and an early dance at BYU.  Saturday was my cute nephew Aiden’s baptism and then picking my Grandmother and Uncle Dan up from the airport with my Mom.  They flew in from Minnesota and I hadn’t seen my Uncle in almost 20 years.  Sunday was my Dad’s and Step Mom’s homecoming and dinner and then rush home for a church meeting about Girl’s Camp.  Monday I spent the whole day helping Jenny with her Miss Nephi poster
finishing it up and displaying all of her gazillion service projects.  That night was spent about 5 hours at Miss Nephi practice with Jason and Nan running sound and lights. 
Then Tuesday morning was babysitting the sweetest little girl in the world and taking some quiet moments to snuggle and relax while I tried to ease my nerves which was followed by Miss Nephi that afternoon and night and watching Jenny with my nerves wound so tight that when the relief came and she did everything so very flawlessly ending up with the title of first attendant all I wanted to do was go home and puke and cry for joy all at the same time.  
Of Course Jenny is the RedHead with the white and Black Dress for those who don't know.
Wednesday was getting dresses put back together to return to those we had borrowed them from and making thank you gifts for those who helped her so much. Thursday was piano for three girls and achievement days and a billion loads of laundry and dishes and…and…Then Friday was up north with Jason to work for the temple in the morning and grocery shopping and Easter shopping the rest of the day.  Saturday morning was cheesecake making for a family party and then a family Egg hunt and coming home to the eggs that I had hard boiled that morning and coloring them. 
Tucking kids into bed and then Easter Bunny stuff when they were finally asleep with an impressive egg hiding job by my older two girls, Jen and Nan.  Off to sleep to wake up to Easter and Church and Easter barbeque and a nap that just didn’t seem to help and…and…finally bed. 

Then there was yesterday.  Ah, yesterday.  The day the whirlwind stopped and I cleaned the house and then took the day very slowly.  The day I looked back and realized how much I missed the beauty of it all being so caught up in the whirlwind.  I wish I could have stood back sooner and seen the glory for what it was.  A million blessings packed in so tightly that my spirit couldn’t handle it all.  Pretty great life when it is filled with so very many wonderful things that it wears you completely out.  How can I not feel completely grateful?  If that isn’t the most beautiful display of God’s love I don’t know what is.  Whirlwind and all.
                                           Jenny and my grandma her Great Grandma Hoklas.
                     Jenny and my mom my grandma and my Uncle Dan her Great Uncle Dan.
                                                   Jenny and her boyfriend.  Love that kid!
                                                    Jenny and the Awesome Annalee.
Jenny and Stephanie.
                                                                  Jenny and Nan.
                                                                  Jenny and her Dad!


  1. You're an amazing person to handle all those whirlwinds so well! Thank you for being you!

  2. You are an amazing woman! Thanks for all you do to make everyone's life brighter!

  3. Yay!! Congrats to Jenny, and how cool that Grandma and Dan got to be there. So pretty much what I'm gathering from this is that life is always just crazy, small or big kids. But it's a good kind of crazy, right? :)