Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Millions of Little Things

Here I am yet once again writing in my blog, watching the world around me and wondering what might happen this week.  It’s hard not to feel hopeless after all, by the actions of such few we see what conflicts can fall upon so many.  When have we become such a hard people that we cannot respect other’s beliefs and religion?  I know that was not the voice of the whole world, in fact just so very few, but in reality so many more were destroyed and set to unrest because of their bitterness.  And for what?  The desire for entertainment?
Then I have to ask, how are we, as a world that is, so angry that we can let the wickedness and bitterness of a few people who think they have the right to defame another’s beliefs through what they call art, set us into such a fury that we forget the sacredness of life.  Every day I read online the unrest that continues.  Can you imagine the fear and the pain that those innocents are facing right now.  I can almost feel the anger like a heavy dose of adrenaline running through the crowds as I look at the pictures.  All in the name of free speech and religion.  One wrong, horrendous as it may be, is never made right by another.

Now in this light it would be so easy for me to be sad, downright depressed even, but there is so much good that goes on about me every day that I would be showing very little gratitude to my Heavenly Father if I didn’t find joy in his world that he made for me and all of us.
Nan, yes sweet little Nan that I spent most my last blog about, has taken it upon herself to teach Sam how to play football.  Luke is off in the military and I think that Nan has seen how much Sam is missing out on not having his older brother around.  Now Nan has not always been my most coordinated one, but somehow she has managed to find the way that makes the most sense to her brother and has really taught Sam a thing or two.  It is great fun for me as a mother to watch her teach him how to kick a ball, usually barefooted even.  When he gets frustrated and says he will never be able to do it, most often flopping on the ground forlorn, Nan is beyond patient and gets him right back up.  Huge improvement has come and now the whole family is involved.  Sunday night everyone was on the front lawn, Jason and me included though I mostly watched, throwing the football and tossing the Frisbee.  Now if that isn’t something to find joy in I don’t know what is.

The house is a little quiet with everyone at school and I think that perhaps I could be a little sad with that too, but there seems to be plenty to take up my time and by the time the kids come rushing through the door at the end of the day I am happy and ready to see them.

Yesterday I was able to help in Jenny’s class at the high school.  They were doing a botany lesson and needed someone to drive them around.  Something I wouldn’t have been able to do before when I had little ones running to and from school all day long but now that they are all in full time school I have the freedom to do a little more.  It was amazing watching Jenny with her class and watching them all interact.  It was good getting to know the boys that road in our Suburban and watch their politeness and as a mother be grateful that such good kids are around Jenny every day.  And it was fun to watch the kids as their teacher Mr. Baird taught them about the native plants and weeds around them and how they produce and what people and animals can use them for.  Not to mention spending some time with one of Jenny’s friend’s mom who also helped drive, a friend of mine I don’t have the chance to talk to very often.  Another simple something for me to find joy in.

I think if we look it isn’t hard to find a million things in just one day to be happy with.  My yard and the fruit trees getting so big, finally producing enough fruit to can.  My house and my new kitchen that I have been saving for since we moved into this house.  A clean bedroom across the hall that I didn’t even have to get on my little girls to clean this morning.  Breakfast that went smooth and scripture time with only a few little whispers which in themselves was something to smile about.  How about the beautiful weather and the changing leaves.  A four wheeler ride through the mountains with my amazing hubby and all only minutes from our cozy home.  The view out my front door.  Nebo on the left and the Red Cliffs on the right.  Someone’s little kids cutting through my yard to rush to the bus stop, laughing and giggling on the way.
Easy to see the sad in the world?  Most definitely.  Too much bad goes on every day.  But even easier to see the good every day, absolutely.  God loves me.  This I know, and if everything else fails around me, that would be enough.

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