Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Little Slow With My Journaling

I haven't been on here since September and of course everything has been changed on me. I am not the most tech savy person, though anything I learn seems to stick, so when they change the way my blog site is set up, well let's just say I need to start learning all over again. Mid September last year I was called as Young Women's President, perhaps that is my excuse for forgetting about my blog? I say perhaps, but in reality I have never been the best at keeping a journal and this blog was my attempt at doing so. I guess like always I had better get down on journaling and return to my writing. Much has happened in the past "many" months. Jason has finished the final touches on our awesome photo booth and now it prints strips or 4x6's in 14 seconds flat. He has gotten a new huge outdoor movie screen and taken on the project of Juab Highschool's sound system in their gym. 24 cabs plus 12 subs. That gym is going to rock. Just recently he hung new gutters on the back of our house. No more washed out flower beds! Thanks sweetie. I tell you every day I thank Heavenly Father for that man. I am by far the luckiest women alive and I wish I could give all of you just a little taste of the heaven that I live with married to him. Everyone should be so lucky! Luke has graduated from Highschool though he will still walk with his class in May. He is working full time at Mickelson's in Nephi and oh, yeah, he will be going to boot camp in June. I am so proud of that boy. Never thought that he would grow up and now that he has I am so excited about the awesome man that he is becoming. Jason and I will be going on a trip with Luke to California the week before he leaves for his send off. Bitter sweet. Jenny is still my beautiful little hairdresser. Almost done with her freshman year and still shining bright. She's got the cutest group of friends and we couldn't be more impressed with her. Right now she is off doing her FFA stuff in Logan and I know she is having fun, (and still behaving without Mom and Dad around). When did she get old enough to go on three day school trips? Nan. Sweet, funny, little Nan. What can I say about her? Almost done with her seventh grade year and then she gets to rule the school. She's starting to look more like a young woman than a little girl and I know her dad is not thrilled about that. She's been babysitting like crazy and making a good little income off of it. She's my little mommy and assistant cook. Suzy started wearing mascara this year and sharing a bedroom with her little sister. I hear more complaining, (actually fighting) out of their room than I would like but I hold on to the hope that someday they will be friends. Suzy looks more and more like me the older she gets. Stephanie is becoming our little math wiz and has become a little less quiet. A new girl moved in just through the block and now she has two little girls within two houses away to play with. I think she lives over at Madison's almost as much as here. Sam is almost done with kindergarten and then on to all day school. I think I will take every moment I can this summer to squeeze and love him. When did he get so big? Still our serious little guy and our whistler. I think he might drive us completely bonkers with his whistling and humming, but afterall he does look exactly like his great grandpa Sudweeks and Grandpa Sudweeks was a hummer. Funny how that passes through the genes. Me, well I have been busy with Young Women's and home improvement projects. On Wednesdays I watch our little neighbor girl Dallas and I could just eat her up she is so cute. Rio her brother comes home with Sam after Kindergarten and they are becoming the best of friends. I couldn't ask for a better playmate for Sam. I just finished writing another novel, not the second in the series that I have on amazon, but a fantasy novel which is a little out of my comfort zone but was so much fun to write. Now I am down to the editing which is not so much my favorite. Hopefully the publishing world likes it. I just cleaned out my yard yesterday and got my garden ready for planting. All that black dirt is just calling to May to be planted. I visited my Grandma a week and a half ago in Arizona and had the best time with her, my mom, and my Aunt Diane. Haven't seen my grandma in about ten years. I am so grateful for the new memories that we made. Now I am off to house work and getting Luke to work and picking up a kindergartener and then piano for two girls, dinner, and then Young Womens, and last but not least hanging more speakers in the gym. Good day ahead. Always grateful for the amazing days that Heavenly Father gives to me.

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