Friday, August 12, 2011


From the other room I hear “Adleviese” stringing out over the speakers. My youngest, Sam, has just woken up and I hear him in return say, “Blah.” I guess he doesn’t appreciate the beauty that his eight year old sister finds in the movie “Sound of Music,” but I do. Do you ever have one of those days when your life feels like a musical? When all you want to do is sing at the top of your lungs and spin in circles to the wind?

Jason started his first day of work at the Utah campus of the University that he works at and I want to sing. If you had told me a year and a half ago that such a blessing would come to our family I would have probably believed you, but if you had told me a month ago, even six months ago, that this gift would come to us I don’t know if I would have.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder just how much thought Heavenly Father has to put into every detail. Over a decade and a half went into the planning for the future that now stands before our family. That planning didn’t come on our part; in fact we knew nothing of it. Down to the tiniest detail, Heavenly Father took his time setting so many small, what would appear to be insignificant, little things into motion so that today we could be so blessed and led to the path we are on. And we are not alone.

My brother Brad just got an amazing job that perhaps only a year ago he would never have thought about applying for, but yet fits him so well. As we talked about what led him to it, we were both amazed at the minuscule things that led up to it.

How many billions of lives does God take into hand and through about a zillion minuscule things leads to the path that can bless and teach them the most? I am in awe at his detail and at the time and considerations he has taken for all of us. When I think of the many moments that we could have changed things and gone about differently than he had planned, I shudder. Thankfully we didn’t change things, and maybe perhaps the few times we did, he was able to lead us back on course. I also shudder to think of the times that maybe I don’t realize that I steered from the course that he so painfully set into place, and missed out on the blessings, on the learning experiences that he had planned for me.

For today, I am a little more grateful, and for today I am completely in awe of the details, the little minuscule details, that Heavenly plans in my behalf. I am grateful for the love that only he can understand the depths of. Today, I want to sing.

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  1. I didn't know Jason already started! Yay! That is great news. It really is incredible how Heavenly Father lines things up so perfectly for us, even though all the while we are protesting inside.